Humidity / Temp.Transmitter

  • TRH-600 series
    Humidity/Temperature / Dew Point Transmitter
    TRH-600DF:1/2” NPT male connectionfor High P...
  • TRH-300 series
    Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
    TRH-300DF:1/2” NPT male connectionfor High Pressure use
  • TH-30 (Integrated Electronics)
    Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
    4~20mA output, available with uniquely ø6mm slender prob...
  • TRH-3011 (High Temperature)
    High Accuracy Temperature Transmitter

    TRH-3011A:Current output Temperature Transmitter
  • TRH-3200 (Outdoor)
    Temperature/Humidity Transmitter
    The weather-resistant shelter protects temperature and h...
  • TRH-6200 (Outdoor)
    Temperature/Humidity / Dew Point Transmitter
    The weather-resistant shelter protects tempe...
  • TR-3 (RTD Temperature)
    RTD Temperature Transmitter
    4~20mA linear output