Humidity / Temp.Transmitter

TRH-600 series

Humidity/Temperature / Dew Point Transmitter
TRH-600DF:1/2” NPT male connectionfor High Pressure use
TRH-601:Temperature Transmitter
TRH-602:Humidity Transmitter
TRH-603:Humidity/Temperature / Dew Point Transmitter
  • Fast, stable and accuracy
  • The round hand bolt is tight, without screws and buckles
  • IP65 watertight and dust-proof enclosure
  • Easy for installation
  • With TFT LCD, check and adjust the data immediately
  • 12 ~ 36Vdc power in
  • Analog and RS-485 digit output
  • Zero and Span adjustable
  • The data range can be adjusted by the computer software

Specifications of TRH-600

 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice

Ordering Information Please advise the specificatoin based on your individual needs.

Example:TRH-603W-D Temperature Transmitter, Wall mount Type, TFT Display.

W / S / D optional screw thread size

W / S / D optional probe diameter type