Horizontal Angle Meter


Level-Angle Meter
  • Car repair: four-wheel alignment, vehicle equalization
  • Mechanical manufacturing: horizontal and inclination adjustment of machine tool table
  • Construction engineering: equipment elevation angle, road and bridge slope detection ... etc.
  • Communication installation: elevation measurement of base stations, satellites, and television receivers.
  • Home decoration: adjustment of the chainsaw angle and horizontal measurement of the mounting parts.
  • Others: Railways, water conservancy, biology, medicine and industrial automation ... etc.

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy structure, small and durable.
  • Measuring the angle and level of objects, mechanisms, settings…etc
  • Can be zeroed at any angle and has a built-in calibration function.
  • Strong magnetic bottom surface, can be absorbed on any angle metal surface for measurement.
  • With tilt direction indication, the indicator automatically flips function.
  • Automatic backlight (easy to use in dark places), automatic / manual shutdown function

Specification of A80

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.