Humidity / Temp.Transmitter

TRH-300 series

Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
TRH-300DF:1/2” NPT male connectionfor High Pressure use
TRH-301:Temperature Transmitter
TRH-302:Humidity Transmitter
TRH-303:Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
  • IP65 water proof for long-term stable use
  • Easy to install and wiring
  • Accurate relative humidity and temperature measurement
  • Current or voltage outputs
  • Available as wall, duct or separated mounting types

Specifications of TRH-300

 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice

Option Accessories

Ordering Information Please advise the specificatoin based on your individual needs.

Example:TRH-303WA Humidity and Temperature transmitter, Wall mount type, Current output.