Humidity / Temp.Transmitter

TH-30 (Integrated Electronics)

Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
4~20mA output, available with uniquely ø6mm slender probes

TH-31 DB:ø18 Temperature Transmitter
TH-32 DB:ø18 Humidity Transmitter
TH-33 DB:ø18 Temperature/Humidity Transmitter
TH-31 SA:ø6 Temperature Transmitter
TH-32 SA:ø6 Humidity Transmitter
TH-33 SA:ø6 Temperature/Humidity Transmitter
Process control systems, Greenhouses, HVAC, Environmental studies, Warehouse, Food processing,Shipping and Storage, Refrigeration, Weather…etc.
Specifications of TH-30 series 

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Option Accessories

Ordering Information Please advise the specificatoin based on your individual needs.

【Example】TH-33-SA1-3:HumidityTemperature transmitter, SA type ø6mm probe, L= 150mm, cable length:3M