Moisture Meter / Transmitters

  • M72-SC (Scanner Type)
    Moisture Scanner
    Non-destructive measurement of moisture content.
  • M70-L (LED Type)
    Moisture Meter
    EZ-angle for convenient operating and reading.
    Ergonomic user friendly de...
  • M70-D (Digital Type)
    Digital Moisture Meter
    The Instrument for measuring moisture content in materials.
  • M-700 (Special Type)
    Multi-Function Moisture Meter
    Applications:Woods, Bamboos, Building materials, Apply a re...
  • M-700S (Soil)
    Soil Moisture Meter Kit
    Applications:oil, Sands, Natural Compost, Sawdust, Pulps, Buildin...
  • MTR-730 series (Soil/Transmitter)
    Soil Moisture Transmitter
    MTR-731 Moisture Transmitter
    MTR-732 Temperature/Moisture Tran...
  • MTR-740 (Control)
    Dry/Humidification Control
    Drying/Humidification Control

    MTR-740 Moisture Transmitter
  • M70-KIT (All-in-one)
    Deluxe Moisture Test Kit
    The Instrument for measuring moisture content in materials.
  • NO.7021 & NO.7011
    Moisture Probes
    Twin Electrodes Type

    • NO.7021 for M70
    • NO.7011 for M700
    *Various t...
  • NO.7022 & NO.7012
    Moisture Probes
    Roller Type

    • NO.7022 for M70
    • NO.7012 for M700
    *Various types of m...
  • NO.7023 & NO.7013
    Moisture Probes
    Deep Insert Type

    • NO.7023 for M70
    • NO.7013 for M700
    *Various types...
  • NO.7024 & NO.7014
    Moisture Probes
    Sword Type

    • NO.7024 for M70
    • NO.7014 for M700
    *Various types of me...