Humidity / Temp.Transmitter

TRH-6200 (Outdoor)

Temperature/Humidity / Dew Point Transmitter
The weather-resistant shelter protects temperature and humidity transmitter for outdoor use.

TRH-6201:Temperature Transmitter
TRH-6202:Humidity Transmitter
TRH-6203:Temperature / Humidity / Dew Point Transmitter
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TRH-6200 series is specially designed to prevent various difficult climates, ensure rapid response and long-term use since it takes advantage of remarkably convection structure of radiation multi-wing and outdoor climate-bear design. At aspects of installation, disassembly, wiring and adjustment, it's more convenient and speedy than other brands.

Outdoor Environmental Monitor, Green House, Agriculture, Weather Data Collection, Climate Experiment…etc.

  • Fast, Accuracy and Stable
  • Easy for Installation
  • Wide Range of Power Supply
  • Current or Voltage Output
  • Zero and Span Adjustable

Specifications of TRH-6200 Please advise the specification of *option based on your individual needs.
Measurement Range * Factory Temperature:0~100°C (Standard max. temperature)
(0~50°C, -40~60°C or -20~80°C can be customized)
Factory Humidity:0~100%RH (non-condensing)
Factory dew point:-40~60°C
Accuracy (At 23±5°C) ±0.3°C,±2%RH(33~75%),±3%RH(15~33%、75~90%)
Long-Term Stability In 50% environment, <1% RH per year (Typical)
Response <15 sec.
Sensors Humidity : Thin-film capacitor
Temperature : RTD Pt 100Ω DIN, IEC751
Analog Output User Defined Can be customized through the buttons on the PCB main board button or the computer software
Analog Output 4~20mA; 0~5V, 0~10V can be switched. Precision (±0.02mA, 0.02V)
Digital Output RS-485 Modbus (Baud can be customized 4800~230400)
Software Interface USB to Type C
Power Supply 12~36VDC ,>150mA
Housing / Protection Outdoor used applications, Bears the climate and preventing radiant heat
Internal Transmitter IP65 rated, ABS plastic watertight enclosure
Cable Gland Liquid-tight nylon, cable bushing;5-10mm
Ambient Temperature -40 ~ +80°C, 0~95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 210 (L) × 185 (W) × 210 (H) mm (the base has a fixing hole, no need for a fixer)
Weight Approx. 1500g ※Bracket fixing exception
Mounting Complete set with galvanized steel mounting hardware
Approvals IP65, CE, RoHS
※Specifications are subject to change without notice.