Surface Temp. Sensor

GP-02 series

Surface Temperature Sensor
Weather Resistant
Panel, Solar panels, Variety of metals, Plastics, Irregularly surface, Meteorological observations
  • Measurement Range:-40~+250℃(Higher temperature model can be customized)
  • PT100Ω:DIN, IEC751, JIS class A, ±(0.15+0.002 l t l)℃
  • Thermocouple:class 1
  • Fast Response, High Accuracy
  • Easy to Installation
  • Resistance to Harsh Environments and Chemicals

Specifications of GP-02 ※The cable can be up to 300m
Model GP-02(Attachable type)GP-02-PS(Screws mounting type)
Sensor Element PT100Ω Class A(thermocouple type optioned)
Accuracy PT100Ω:DIN, IEC751, JIS class A, ±(0.15+0.002 l t l)℃
Thermocouple:class 1
Extension of Signal Cable 1M for standard.(The length can be customized)
Sheet Size GP-02:10 × 16mm, t=1.0mm
GP-02-PS:19 × 22mm, t=1.5mm
Reaction Rate Approx. 15 sec. ※Surface completely fit circumstances
Thermal Conductivity Lower than 100oC, ≧ 0.8W/mk
Higher than 120oC, > 1.5W/mk
Mechanical Strength Climate-bearable for outdoor use
Anti-corrosion:Gasoline, Acetone, Cleaning fluid, Acid-based agent
Approvals IP57, CE, UL, RoHS
※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Option Accessories
Sensor Element A. Platinum PT100Ω50Ω1000Ω DIN-Class A
B. Thermocouple K,J,E,T,N Type
Extension Signal Cable 1. PVC cable(Max.105℃)
2. Silicone cable(Max.150℃)
3. Teflon cable(Max.260℃)
※The length of extension signal cable upon request
Connection Method 1. Y Terminal
2. Bare Wire
a. Heat-Resistant Adhesive                       
b. Galvanized Iron Retainer Clip
c. High-Temperature Aluminum Tape         
d. Screw Retainer Hole