Moisture Meter / Transmitters

M70-L (LED Type)

Moisture Meter
EZ-angle for convenient operating and reading.
Ergonomic user friendly design of twin skid-proof rubber.
  • Multi-Color LED Bar-Graph Readout
  • 5.5% to 100% Moisture Range
  • 0~1Vdc Signal Output
  • Audible Alert when Value Detected
  • Built-In Calibration Function
  • Sturdy and Durable Moisture Probe
  • CE and RoHS Approved

Specifications of M70-L
Measuring Range 5.5 to 100% H₂O%WME
Accuracy(at 25℃) ±1% wood scale
Indicator High resolution LED bar-graph readout
Signification of Color-Code Green(<16%)-Yellow-Red(>21%)
Signal Output 0~1VDC, 10mV/%
Calibration Auto. Temperature compensation.
Built-in calibration adjustment.
Functions ※Audible alert when value detected
※Low battery alarm
※Automatic shutdown
※Changeable moisture probes
※CE and RoHS approved
Power Supply One 9V(006P) battery
Dimensions 153 × 56 × 32mm 
Weight 145g(including battery)
Accessories No.7021 Twin electrodes type moisture probe
No.704M Protecting cap
No.701P/S Replacement electrodes
No.765C Pouch case
Instruction manual
※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Option Accessories *Features of moisture probes, please see page 22.
No.7021 Twin electrodes type moisture probe
No.7022 Roller type moisture probe
No.7023 Deep insert type moisture probe
No.7024 Sword type moisture probe
No.7025 Deep wall type moisture probe
No.7026 Hammer type moisture probe
No.7027 Heavy puncture type moisture probe