Moisture Meter / Transmitters

  • NO.7025
    Moisture Probes
    Deep Wall Type

    • NO.7025 for M70
    *Various types of measuring probe le...
  • NO.7026 & NO.7016
    Moisture Probes
    Hammer Probe

    • NO.7026 for M70
    • NO.7016 for M700
    *Various types of ...
  • NO.7027 & NO.7017
    Moisture Probes
    Heavy Puncture Type

    • NO.7027 for M70
    • NO.7017 for M700
    *Various ty...
  • NO.7013S
    Moisture Probes
    Soil Moisture Probe

    • NO.7013S for M-700S
    *Various types of measuring...
  • Accessories of Moisture Meter
    Consuming Parts
    For M70/M700/MTR730 series