Digital Thermometer

TX-600N (Data-Logging)

Data-Logging Thermometer
Dual Probe input/9 Type of Thermocouples
  • IP66 Water-Proof
  • Accept 9 T/C Types:K 、J 、E、 T、 B 、R、 N、 S 、C
  • Dual Probes (T1-T2) input
  • Data-Logger Built-In and software
  • USBRS-232 Output, with Software
  • Fine Adjustment Function
  • Hi/Lo Alarm, Max./Min./Avg./Hold
  • LED Back-Light
  • CE and RoHS Approved

Specifications of TX-600N

※Above accuracy and sampling rate excludes errors generated by temperature probe.

Ordering Information ※Can be purchased separately TX-600N, or purchase with accessories.

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Software Features:
  • Trend Line Display
  • Graphic Zoom in, Zoom out and Storage
  • Instrument Status Display
  • Max.Min.Average
  • Real-time Data Recording
  • Alarm Display
  • Temperature Conversion
  • Saving and Loading Data
  • Data Table View
  • Recorded Data Download

Complete Set of TX-600N KIT