Illuminance(Light) Transmitter

LXP-420 (Solar Power)

Solar Power Meter
(With Data-Logging & Water-Proof)
LXP-420 can be connected to a solar radiation sensor to quickly measure and display its power for sensor signal. The water-proof and dust-proof structure can be suitable for outdoor or harsh operating environment. Data-Logging up to 32,000 readings and built-in perpetual calendar can record data value completely.

Environmental studies, Energy development, The solar industry,Various solar energy sensor monitoring.

  • IP66 water-proof & dust-proof
  • Max.Min.Avg. Function
  • IP66, CE and RoHS approved
  • Large LED back-light; Intelligent multifunction instructions
  • Data-Logging up to 32,000 readings; Perpetual calendar
  • Both USB and RS-232 interface cable

Specifications of LXP-420

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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