Illuminance(Light) Transmitter

LXT-401 (LUX)

Illuminance(LUX) Transmitter
LXT-401A:Current Output Type
LXT-401V:Voltage Output Type
Greenhouses, Agriculture, AnimalPoultry housing, Shade installations, Brightness-Dependent control of artificial light, Quality control, Building automation, Meteorology...etc

  • Available with either current(4 to 20mA) or voltage output
  • On-site, Two points calibration(Zero and Span)
  • Weather resistant housing and prevents the trapping of water or dust
  • Silicon photo sensor provide good match to light spectrum and long-term stability
  • User selectable range in 0~200,000 LUX, with fine adjustment
  • Mounts easily, Low cost

Specifications of LXT- 401

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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