TH-3800 (Data-Logging)

Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
IP66 Water-Proof, Data Logger, USB,
RS-232, Ø6mm ultra-fine probe, Dew Point
Plant Maintenance, Greenhouse, Air condition systems, Textile mills, Production processes, Clean rooms, Laboratories, Nurseries, Cool stores, Dry rooms and Containers
  • IP66 Water-Proof & Dust-Proof
  • Data-Logging up to 32000 Readings
  • USB High Speed Downloading
  • Max/Min/Avg/Hold Functions
  • Large LCD Display with LED Back-Light
  • High Accuracy and Respond Quickly
  • USB and RS-232 Output
  • IP66, CE and RoHS Approved

Specifications of TH-3800

※Above accuracy and sampling rate excludes errors generated by Temp.Humidity probe. 

Ordering Information ※Can be purchased separately TH-3800, or purchase with accessories.

※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Software Features:
  • Trend Line Display
  • Graphic Zoom in, Zoom out and Storage
  • Instrument Status Display
  • Max.Min.Average
  • Dew Point Calculate
  • Real-time Data Recording
  • Unit Conversion
  • Saving and Loading Data
  • Data Table View
  • Recorded Data Download
  • Digital Calibration
  • Export to MS Excel 

Standard Referance Solutions for Hygrometer:
TH-3133:33%RH(33%RH Standard Solution for TH-30A probe)

TH-3175:75%RH(75%RH Standard Solution for TH-30A probe)

Complete Set of TH-3800 KIT